Welcome to the common tree of family Häljeskog/Ryberg. Here you can find 7,439 individuals whereof 6.2% are alive today, that is somehow connected to our family. 

The research starts with Hasse Häljeskog and Helene Häljeskog b. Ryberg. Do you belong to our family? Are you related to us? Then you can request to become a member and will get access to all information in our family tree. Click on "Request a new user account" and enter your data. If you know how you're related to an individual in our tree, please write that in the comment field. If you don't know, you can ask by sending an email to ancestry(at)inview.nu.

By requesting a new user account you approve that your data will be saved according to our Privacy Policy that you can find at the bottom of this page. This website is run as a hobby genealogy research project without any what so ever commercial interests. The research is ongoing and there may be information that is incomplete, unconfirmed or even incorrect, these are corrected as they are discovered. Note that there is also information about living and recently deceased people, so you must be a member to see these.

Note that some notes on this site is written primarily in Swedish, even if you select English as web interface those won't be translated automatically. If you have question, send an email to ancestry(at)inview.nu.

Please note that our genealogy research is an ongoing project, which means that details may be incorrect or missing. Currently, the focus is on identifying places on maps and making them available in the Family Map, a time-consuming work. Do you want to help out with this or something else? Send an email!

Author, data manager and webmaster of this site is Hasse Häljeskog.

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Johan 266
Anders 231
Olof 221
Erik 188
Nils 160
Lars 136
Gustaf 132
Karl 126
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Carl 112


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Anna 317
Maria 258
Brita 150
Kristina 127
Kerstin 116
Ingeborg 116
Karin 112
Margareta 105
Christina 91
Stina 89
Märta Knutsdotter (Tre Rosor) (–1385) Knut Pedersson Ribbing (–1518) Häradshövding Åke Hansson Soop (–1650) Katarina Karin Birgersdotter Stolpe (–1471) Guillaume Verdelet (–) Nils Pedersson Ribbing (–1510) Olof Persson (–1907) Estrid Arvidsdotter (Sparre över stjärna) (–1558) Margareta Erlandsdotter Kafle (–1658) Per Hindriksson Hakkarainen (–1742) Sigrid Ulfhild BJÖRNSDOTTER LEKMAN (–1177) … Kristiernsson (Västbo-Drake) (–1484) Helena Torildsdotter (–1140) Elias Kristoffersson Sandin (–1836) Anders Johan Björnberg (–1813) Hemming Hemmingsson (1824–1878) Jacquette Ebba Maria Sofia Louise (Mary) Hamilton (–1893) Iliana (Juliana?) Åkesdotter Bååt av Skåne (–1423) Rebecka Pehrsdotter (1783–1817) Anders Drake (–1547) Johan Gabriel Lennartsson (–1642) Peter Algotsson (born Algotssönerna) (–1293) Hans Ersson Eriksson (–1766) Nils Pedersson Ribbing (–1510) Jacquette Ebba Maria Sofia Louise (Mary) Hamilton (–1893) Metta Svensdotter Ribbing (–1613) dominus Karl Ingeborgasson Lejonbalk (Blå) (–1268) Karl Eriksson Gyllenstierna af Lundholm (–1541) Maria Magdalena Månsdotter Magnusson (–1918) … Hellman (–1880) Daniel Eliasson Eliasson Karjalainen (–1718) Ingeborg Gylta (–1575) Joen Tuvesson Hökeflycht (–1685) … Larsdotter (–1942) Elin TOMASDOTTER (–) Nils Mattsson Erlandsson Kagge (–1511) Erik Henriksson Hakkarainen (–1706) Thyra Danebod Gormson (–) Anna Brita Olofsdotter (–1924) Catharina De la Gardie (–1680) Märta Gustafva Westerlund (–1930) Nils Gylta (–1390) Magnus Larsson Leopard (–1399) Kerstin Stierna Månsdotter (–1594) George Ova Massey (–1960) Claes Olofsson (Västbo-Drake) (–1553) Anna Jönsdotter (–1903) … Stålhammar (–1765) Gustaf (Gustav) ISRAELSSON (–1771) Hans Emanuel Nylander (–1963) Lars Danielsson Suhoinen (–1787) Abraham Eriksson Gyllenstierna (–1514) Tord RÖRIKSSON BONDE (–1417) … Kristoffersson Sandin (–1873) Henrik Leonhard Jönsson Svinhufvud (–1778) Markvad Sten Stolpe (–1415) Carin Svensdotter Ribbing (–) Olof Pilefelt (–1643) Carrie Eliza Bjork (1899–1958) Ingeborg Svensdotter Ribbing (–1588) Peter RAGVALDSSON FARGALT (–1326) Anders Torstenson till Ortala (–1686) Åke Haraldson Haraldsson Soop (–1586) Axel Mattson Till Hällekis (–1525) Joran Mattson Silverhjelm (–) Erik Hansson Soop (–1632) Anund Jönsson Ulfsax (–1526) Maria Nilsdotter Persdotter (–1885) Brita Elsa Stårck (–1768) Edmund Anund I ERIKSSON UPPSALE (–859) Olof Grankvist (–1805) Peter Algotsson (born Algotssönerna) (–1293) Ingrid Ribbing (–1588) Henning (Heming) Johansson (–1857) Erik Tuvesson Hökeflycht (–1677) Magnus Barfot Olavsson (–1103) Johannes Johansson Vall Björk (–1877) Charlotta Catharina Hamilton af Hageby (–1735) Christina Mårtensdotter Mårtensdotter Leijonsköld nr 53 (–1732) Margareta Röriksdotter Balk (–1341) Knut Haraldsson Soop (–1566) Mårten Johansson Johansson adlad Gyllenpatron, till Väsby och Torp. (–1659) Ingrid Gustavsdotter Örnevinge (–1677) Katarina Karlsdotter Lejonbalk (–1319) Birgitta Finvidsdotter (–1378) Henrik Rotkirch (–1708) Sten Bosson (Natt och dag) (–1411) Anna Brita Olofsdotter (–1924) Johannes Evenson Frisvold (–) Christine Nielsdatter (–1348) Olof Persson (–1907) Överstelöjtnant Jakob Johan Rickman (–1753) Erik Carl Rotkirch (–1705) Arvid Rosenbielke (–1637) Kristina Wädurhorn (–1666) Carl Adam von Bruse (–1814) … Jonsson (–1280) Brita Kagg (–1601) Sven Knutsson Ribbing (–1577) Torsten Nilsson Kärling Sparre (–1440) Carl Georg Pilefelt (–1735) Emil Paulus Granath (–1984) Margareta Ulfsdotter Lejon (–1341) Ingeborg Svensdotter Ribbing (–1588) Brita Knutsdotter Ribbing (–1525) Kristina Gustafsdotter Sparre (–) … Sandberg (–1880) Erik Olofsson Suhoinen Löwen Gunnels (–1728) Mathias Gustafsson Sparre (–1376) Dordi Larsdotter Karjalainen (–1707) Johan Olofsson (–1832) Riksråd Bengt Gunnarsson Gylta (–1480) Ingeborg Svantepolksdotter Skansholm (–1341) Ingeborg Pedersdotter Ulfsax till tubbatorp och örsholm (–1560) Lauri Filipsson, Karjalainen Gunllls (–) Karin Pedersdotter Ulfsax till tubbatorp och örsholm (–1579) Anna Axelsdotter Posse af Såtenäs (–1569) … … (–1535) Brita Eriksdotter Körning (–1642) Knut Knutsson Bonde (–1413) Ridder og riksråd Gustav Arvidsson Sparre af Vik (–1366) Ernst Ragnar Karlsson (–1964) Christina Mårtensdotter Mårtensdotter Leijonsköld nr 53 (–1732) Ingeborg Olofsdotter (1830–1904) Daniel Jonae Jonsson Hammarin (–1716) Margareta PETERSDOTTER NÆF (–1274) Andreas (Peter) Gustavsson PILEFELDT (–1725) Nils Björnsson, i Enånger (–1530) Brynulf (–1315) Karl ÖRJANSSON SCHANKE (–1488) Kristina Björnsdotter född Björnsdotter Järnsida Av Danmark (–1170) Ebba Agneta Gustavsdotter PILEFELDT (–1718) Elsebeth Nielsdatter falster rani Falster-Søballe (–1266) Ingeborg Ulfsdotter Ulv (–1307) Bengt Olofsson Hård af Torestorp (–1517) Gustava Johanna Roxendorff (född Rotkirch) (–1756) Johan Gottfrid Pettersson (–1939) Henrik Persson Hakkarainen (–1696) Hans Lauritzen Blix (–1666) Kristina Pettersdotter Balgö (–) Juliana Sofia Pilefelt (–1743) Annika Danielsdotter Suhoinen (–1787) Brita Eriksdotter (–1535) Nils Björnsson, i Enånger (–1530) Brita Nilsdotter Ribbing (–1592) Johan Tovesson Hökeflycht (–1676) … … (–1940) Nils AXELSSON POSSE AF SÅTENÄS, D.Y. (–1664) Maria Stårck (–1692) Henrik (Hindrik) Pehrsson Glad (–1891) Gustaf Hökeflycht (–1722) Kirstin (Kerstin) Nilsdotter (–1555) Elin Ivarsdotter (–1743) Anna Lilliehöök af Fårdala (–1667)