Welcome to the common tree of family Häljeskog/Ryberg. Here you can find 7,443 individuals whereof 6.3% are alive today, that is somehow connected to our family. 

The research starts with Hasse Häljeskog and Helene Häljeskog b. Ryberg. Do you belong to our family? Are you related to us? Then you can request to become a member and will get access to all information in our family tree. Click on "Request a new user account" and enter your data. If you know how you're related to an individual in our tree, please write that in the comment field. If you don't know, you can ask by sending an email to ancestry(at)inview.nu.

By requesting a new user account you approve that your data will be saved according to our Privacy Policy that you can find at the bottom of this page. This website is run as a hobby genealogy research project without any what so ever commercial interests. The research is ongoing and there may be information that is incomplete, unconfirmed or even incorrect, these are corrected as they are discovered. Note that there is also information about living and recently deceased people, so you must be a member to see these.

Note that some notes on this site is written primarily in Swedish, even if you select English as web interface those won't be translated automatically. If you have question, send an email to ancestry(at)inview.nu.

Please note that our genealogy research is an ongoing project, which means that details may be incorrect or missing. Currently, the focus is on identifying places on maps and making them available in the Family Map, a time-consuming work. Do you want to help out with this or something else? Send an email!

Author, data manager and webmaster of this site is Hasse Häljeskog.

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Johan 266
Anders 231
Olof 221
Erik 188
Nils 160
Lars 136
Gustaf 132
Karl 126
Per 121
Carl 112


Given names
Given name Individuals
Anna 317
Maria 258
Brita 150
Kristina 127
Ingeborg 116
Kerstin 116
Karin 112
Margareta 105
Christina 91
Stina 89
Erik Eriksson (–1931) Carrie Eliza Bjork (1899–1958) Hazel Gurr (–1985) Erik Eriksson d ä Eriksen Gyldenstierne af Lundholm, dä (–1478) Peder Nilsson Skancke, til Hov (–1410) Carin Ersdotter (1842–1934) Elin Svensdotter Sting (–) Malin Knutsdotter Knutsdotter Ribbing till Vallsta (–1568) Arnulf Folkesson (–1157) Estrid Arvidsdotter Drake av Intorp (–1520) Beda Ingeborg ANDERSSON (–1985) Nils Björnsson, i Enånger (–1530) Gunhild Gunnarsdotter Gylta af Tofta (–1499) Henrik Danielsson Kukkoinen (–1782) Elin TOMASDOTTER (–) Knut Arvidsson Stenbock (–1507) Märta Brita Lindberg (–1943) Johan Christersson Drake af Torp och Hamra (–1677) Märta Johansdotter tre rosor af Mörby Johansdotter till Mörby (Tre Rosor) (–1440) Erik Andersdotter (–1943) Daniel Eliasson Eliasson Karjalainen (–1718) Lindorm Brunsson (Forstena), till Bronäs i Härene (–1520) Magnus Magnusson (–1930) Louisa Jandotter Törngren (–) Gustav Adolf Olofsson (–1986) Anna Jönsdotter (–1903) Bengt Karlsson Färla (–1420) … Sandberg (–1880) Kristina Pettersdotter Balgö (–) Tuve Tuvesson d.ä. Hökeflycht (–1644) Nils Persson Storck (–) Anna Charlotta Kruuse af Verchou (–1795) Christina Catharina Stenbock (–1719) Björn Järnsida Haraldsen av Danmark (–1134) Ulf Håkansson (–) Olof Johansson Billberg (–1765) Malin Tomasdotter (–1706) Margareta Krabbe af Halland (–) Lage Axelsson Posse af Såtenäs (–1608) Bernt Papegoja (–1700) Gustaf EINAR Eklund (–1961) Johannes Granath (–1917) Emil Paulus Granath (–1984) Karl Ingebjörnsson EKEBLAD (–1371) Anders Lilliehöök af Fårdala (–1630) Christine Nielsdatter (–1348) Kerstin Pilefelt (1693–1698) Laurentz Abjörnsson Sparre av Tofta (–) Josefina Catharina Björnberg (–1905) Gyrith Torstensdotter Forstena (–1597) Henrik Adolf von Bruse (–1813) Peder Jonsen Rani (–1279) Karl Eriksson Gyllenstierna af Lundholm (–1541) Olof Kristiernsson (Västbo-Drake) (–1518) Johan Olofsson (–1832) Anna Ragnhild Andersdotter (–1960) Knut Oskar Hallgren (–1950) Holmger Karlsson Lejonbalk (–1278) Tuve Tuvesson HÖKEFLYCHT (–1680) Ragnvald Birgersson Hjorthorn (–) … Stårck (–1727) Kristoffer (Christopher) Jönsson Näsberg (–1811) Sigge Larsson d.ä. Sparre af Rossvik (–1443) Gustav Knutsson Knutsson Roos af Hjelmsäter (–1537) Anders Hemmingsson (–1947) Kristina Arvidsdotter Drake av Intorp (–1590) Brita Fredrika Hamrin (–1946) Robert I GRAAF VAN VLAANDEREN (–1093) Ingeborg K. Karlsdotter (Lejonbalk) (–1301) Margareta Ulfsdotter Lejon (–1341) Kristina BIRGERSDOTTER HJORTHORN (–1331) Brita Kagg (–1601) Johan Petersson tre rutor af Slestad (–) Peter RAGVALDSSON FARGALT (–1326) Jakob Polykarpusson Cronhielm (–1712) Svea Vilhelmina Ingeborg Lindroos (–1971) Algot MAGNUSSON (–1350) Torkel Erengislesson Barun (–1380) … Pedersson Lilliehöök Till Kolbäck (–1434) Kirstin (Kerstin) Nilsdotter (–1555) Thyra Haraldsdotter Droning av Danmark (–1000) Sven Haraldsson (–1811) Anna Charlotta Kruuse af Verchou (–1766) Nils Andersson Lilliehöök af Fårdala (–1618) Kerstin Christina Knutsdotter Hand (–1591) Elin Jönsdotter Jönsdotter Sparre över Blad (–1471) Estrid Andersdotter Rosenstråle (–1647) … … (–1771) Carin Siggesdotter Sparre (–1509) Per Bengtsson (–1634) Elina Nannesdotter Sparre af Västbo (–1403) Kirstin (Kerstin) Nilsdotter (–1555) Magnus Sjøblad Eskilsson (–) Christina Arvidsdotter Drake af Intorp Store (–1529) Ingeborg Svantepolksdotter Skansholm (–1341) Olof Ericsson (–1850) Sara Maria Bergström (1879–1976) Johan Björnsson Printz (–1663) Helga Bengtsdotter Boberg(Vingad pil) (–) Maria Eriksdotter Roos af Hjelmsäter (–1608) Ingrid Gustavsdotter Örnevinge (–1677) … Hallgren (–1979) Erik Carl Rotkirch (–1705) Katarina Magnusdotter (Aspenäs) (–1392) … Kristoffersson Sandin (–1873) Ingrid Eringisledotter Barun (–) … Pedersson Lilliehöök Till Kolbäck (–1434) Bengt (lejon) Hafridsson (Hafridssons ätt) (–1307) Sara Klingspor (–) Nils Belfrage (–1745) Brita Fredrika Hamrin (–1946) Margit Clausdotter (Dowt) (–1420) Johan Jan Jörgensson Vogler (1752–1841) Ebba Agneta Gustavsdotter PILEFELDT (–1718) Per Andersson Finne (–1615) Metta Svensdotter Ribbing (–1613) Carl Johan Andersson Punkt (–1896) Bengt Mogensson Blix (–1607) Ivar Pettersson (–1983) Johan Lilliehöök af Fårdala (–1642) Stina Kajsa Talja (1850–1923) Magnus Jacobsson (1807–1884) Anna Persdotter? (–) Erik Broman (–1935) Lars Pettersson (Pehrsson) (–1817) Tuve Björnsson Hökeflycht till Fostorp (–1622) … Leijonsköld (1634–1682) Påvel Olofsson Suhoinen (–1683) Erik Göstafsson Roos af Hjelmsäter (–1582) Märta Hansdotter (Forstena) (–) Nils Persson Storck (–) Carl Emil Gyllenhammar (–1865) Margareta Eriksdotter Gyllenstierna (–1477) Maria Kristina Johansdotter Gyllenhammar till Toresnäs (–) … … (–1490) Ruth Sigrid Birgitta Enflo (–1910) Cynthia Frances Massey (–1957) Elsa Maria Wennerström (1879–1945) Abjörn Ulfsson, Sparre av Västbo (–1338) Anna Gudmundsdotter Äldre Forstena (–1550) Niels Jonsen Rani (–1316) Lindorm Pedersson d ä Pedersson Ulfsax till Hattsjöhult Sandsjö (–1565) Jon Ranesen Ranesen Rani (–1267) Knud V(III) Magnusson, Konge af Danmark (–1157) Johan Olofsson (–1832) Jakob Polykarpusson Cronhielm (–1712) … … (–1771) Sven Forkbeard Haraldsson, King of Denmark and England (–1014) Arvid Gustavsson Sparre av Vik (–1379) Charles (Millard) Massey (–1969) Anna Gustavsdotter Stenbock av den äldre ätten (–1508) Eric Larsson (1804–1874) Johan Gustav Johanson Bjork (Johanson, Johnson) (1833–1929) Katarina Tubbesdotter Eriksson Rossenstråle (–1449)