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  • This website processes personal data for the purpose of historical and genealogical research.

  • This research is a "legitimate interest" under article 6(f) of the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). However, names and personal data of living individuals, individuals deceased within the last 30 years or born and deceased with in the last 65 years, will not be displayed to anonymous visitors for integrity reasons. If you have questions or something is making you feel uncomfortable, please send us an email to let us know.


  • All of us acknowledge the paramount importance of personal data protection on this family tree site and we work hard to protect our data. Fortunately, webtrees has excellent privacy features and allows you to enforce certain privacy policies - our site hides live information from those visitors who are not registered. In order to view information about living persons, you must be a trusted member of our site and you must log in to it with your username and password. Your membership will allow you to access your personal family tree page.

  • In addition, our site works with several levels of user access to both personal information and the display of relationships between individuals and families. The second tool gives you access to data on people identified as close relatives. If you join as a registered member and some people or families appear to you as 'private', this is due to your user account settings. If you think your access is too limited, you can contact the family tree administrator to explain where you are blocked and why you think you shouldn't be.

  • No system is perfect, and there is always the possibility that someone will break into it and gain unwanted access to data. If you have serious concerns about your personal information on this site, please let us know by email to the family tree administrator. Your data will be removed from your family tree, but your access may be restricted at the same time. We take the misuse of our data seriously and will not tolerate theft or misuse of it. We will take legal action against those who engage in or cause attempted identity theft or harassment using the information obtained here.

  • Do not copy our living information to any other sites or places where you are unable to guarantee the privacy of those individuals. You may be held responsible for its detection or misuse. A lot of time, effort and talent has been put into this database. We do not want others to simply copy our work together. Please do not copy our data to other sites and in no case publish data about living persons elsewhere. This database will remain our property for the public display of publicly available data and will not be sold, donated or rented.

  • Keep in mind that your password is important for the protection of your personal and other families' data, so keep it safe. We recommend that you change your password from time to time. Please note that the family manager does not have access to your password. If you forget them, use the 'Request a new password' request on the pedigree homepage. You will receive a new temporary password at your registered e-mail address.


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Margareta Kristina (Greta Stina) Jonsdotter Jonsdr (Flodin) (1859–1944) Elin Kettilbjörnsdotter (Tre Strömmar) (–1454) Måns Pedersson Stierna (–1575) Hegge Nestede Sparre över blad (–) Katarina Karlsdotter Lejonbalk (–1319) Guillaume Verdelet (–) Grevinna (Hertiginna) Salomea Duchess of Poland (–1144) Brita Jönsdotter (–1578) Ingrid Svendsdatter Swendsdatter of Denmark (–1093) Märta Jönsdotter Posse (–) Björn Styrbiornson (–978) Johan Pilefelt (–1695) Ridder og riksråd Gustav Arvidsson Sparre af Vik (–1366) Johan Lilliehöök af Fårdala (–1642) Folke Algotsson, (Algotssönerna) (–1310) Ingeborg Svantepolksdotter Skansholm (–1341) Holmger Karlsson Lejonbalk (–1278) Ragnvald Ingesson Ingesdotter Stenkil (–1130) … … (–1942) Lisbet Jönsdotter (–1897) Håkan Magnusson Leopard (född Marinasons) (–1374) Knut Oskar Hallgren (–1950) Gyrit Bengtsdotter Ryting (–1465) Johan Tovesson Hökeflycht (–1676) Lunetta Maria Kruuse af Verchou (–1728) Kerstin Månsdotter (Natt och Dag) (–1519) … … (–) Väpnare Johan Holmstensson Rosenstråle till Sonstorp (–1414) Margareta Griphovud (–1315) Gertrud Mattsdotter Römer (–1482) Bengt Riddare MATTSSON BOBERG (–1219) Magnus Gylta (–) Gertrud von Sachsen (–1113) Lars Johan Olsson Dahlman (–1926) Magdalena Rosenbielke (–1717) Bengt Folkesson Snivil Folkungaätten (–1175) Peder Stamfar för ätten N:r 17 OLOFSSON HÅRD AF SEGERSTAD NR 17 (–1532) Paul Tuvesson Hökeflycht (–1678) Häradshövding Åke Hansson Soop (–1650) Ingrid Bengtsdotter af Vinstorp (–1485) Sven II Kung av Danmark ESTRIDSSON (–1074) Magnus Algotsson Griphufvud (–1309) Maria Magdalena Månsdotter Magnusson (–1918) Niels Jonsen Rani (–1316) Lars Eliasson Eliasson Karjalainen (född Karjalainen) (–1713) Johan Papegoja (–1667) Birger Tuvesson Lilliehök af Gälered och Kolbäck (–1585) Ridder og riksråd Gustav Arvidsson Sparre af Vik (–1366) Brita Börjesdotter Rosenstråle 37 (–1656) Sigrid Björnsdotter (–1531) Ridder Magnus Marinasson Leopard (–1326) Ragnvald Birgersson Hjorthorn (–) Knut Folkesson af Flandern (–1167) Gösta Gustaf Larsson Karjalainen (–1718) Johanna Karolina Westlin (–1968) … Pedersson Lilliehöök Till Kolbäck (–1434) Ragvald Mattias Erlandsson Erlandsson Kagge (–1473) Margit Clausdotter (Dowt) (–1420) Margit Margreta Jensdatter (–1477) Anna Ericsdotter (1837–1891) Mårten Augustinsson Augustinsson Leijonsköld (–1656) Lars Pålsson Turpoinen (–1713) Elin till Häggatorp TOMASDOTTER (–) Margareta Bengtsdotter Hafridssons ätt (–1315) Anna Christoffersdotter Degerberg (–1624) Anna Gudmundsdotter Äldre Forstena (–1550) dominus Karl Ingeborgasson Lejonbalk (Blå) (–1268) … … (–1490) Carin Hansdotter Tott (–1554) Baldwin V (1028–1067) … … (–) Märta Rosenhane (–1701) Gustav Knutsson Knutsson Roos af Hjelmsäter (–1537) Ridder Magnus Marinasson Leopard (–1326) Bengt Olofsson Hård af Torestorp (–1517) Anna Andersdotter Tre Rutor av Slestad (–1483) Knud Nilsen Porse af Halmstad (–1295) Peder Stamfar för ätten N:r 17 OLOFSSON HÅRD AF SEGERSTAD NR 17 (–1532) Elin Bond (–1970) Bengt Georgsson Pilefelt 230 (–1691) Ingeborg Drake af Västbo (–1531) Margareta Drake af Intorp (–1678) Birgitta Bengtsdotter (Lillie av Greger Mattssons ätt) (–1560)